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SunRise LED Inc. is a leader specializing in the design, manufacture, sales and service of LED displays and LED lighting.Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, SunRise LED has worked diligently for more than 12 years to develop a complete line of LED displays and LED Lighting.SunRise LED Inc. strives for excellence in both service and support. Working closely with a team of over 100 distributors across the US, Canada, France, Turkey and Mexico. SunRise LED has fast become a recognizable brand.SunRise LED offers a full spectrum of LED displays and LED lighting.Our LED Window Display signs are light weight, easy to program, extremely bright and very affordable. They come in a variety of sizes and color selections, including our full color series with image and video file capability. Choose from single line or multiple line displays.SunRise also offers LED displays on a much grander scale. Customized to meet the needs of the industry of the end user, such as: outdoor advertising, sports stadiums, stage background, traffic directions, shopping malls, government facilities, transportation communication, financial organizations and much more.LED lighting is the green lighting choice for the future. LED last longer and can even be powered by the abundant energy of the sun when powered by solar. SunRise offers:street lights, wall washer/architecture lighting, spot light, bulb fixture, flood light and LED free neon, underwater light and more.SunRise LED strives to produce very high quality LED, offer personal customer service while building long term relationships with the team of distributors around the globe.We encourage you to view the abundant information waiting for you on this web site and please do contact your local dealer if you have additional questions or need more information.To locate a dealer nearest you Click here.Interested in reselling our products Click Here.

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