Versa Curve

LED Curve Tile System
Create your own Curve!

Light Weight
Easy Installation
Saving on Shipping
Front and Rear Maintenance

Unlimited Creativity – LED That Curves

A SunRise LED’s VersaCurve display will absolutely make you stand out.  This unique LED display has an articulated panel design which can be set up in a convex, concave or cylindrical array. The vibrant color fidelity, high contrast ratio comes together to form the ultimate creative, high resolution indoor LED display. VersaCurve can be used for any indoor application where creativity is the highest priority. These displays are available in a variety of pixel pitch options and may be used for fixed or rental applications.


Project: Government of Oman

Product model:VersaCurve


2 Year Free Parts/Factory Labor Warranty

For 15+ years, we have been supporting our products around the world. With more than 100 dealers in the U.S. and around the globe, your SunRise LED display is well covered. If you experience a hardware failure with a covered product during the plan’s term, simply contact your distributor to report the problem. If the issue cannot be resolved over the phone with your distributor, you will be given instructions for the next steps for making the necessary repairs.

Versa Tile Curve!

Create your own design.

Front Serviceable

Remove and replace modules from the front of the display in seconds.

Fully articulated flexible panels

VersaCurve can form concave, convex and cylindrical shapes. Each panel can curve by 20°

Fully articulated flexible panels

Horizontal curve, vertical curve and cylindrical possibilities

Dual backup system

Power supply, signal cable, control system, socket backup available

Video Tutorials