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Versa Poster (I-Mira)

Portable signage solutions that bring
innovation and versatility to your
marketing and public service

Easy Installation

Fast & Easy Programing


Full Series of Commercial Polara Lights,
Street, Parking Lot Lights
Flood lights, LED canopy light are ideal for projects that require Reliability.


Premium Wholesale Supplier of LED Displays, Video Walls and LED Lighting.

Welcome to SunRise LED Inc. Located in the San Francisco Bay area, SunRise LED Inc. has been manufacturing high quality LED displays for nearly two decades. As an innovator in the LED industry SunRise LED was among the first to offer a LED Tile system. The revolutionary VersaTile system gives sign companies and resellers the capability to assemble LED displays inhouse and eliminate the weeks needed for manufacturing to deliver the complete display. Beyond LED message displays, SunRise also carries a wide variety of LED Lighting. SunRise LED Inc. is known for our flexibility; we are capable of designing and manufacturing custom LED projects as well.

SunRise LED is represented by dealers across the United States, Canada, Mexico, France, and Turkey. We welcome professional companies seeking to align themselves with a reputable LED company, who they can count on to stand behind their quality LED products they produce. If you would like to locate a dealer near you, or if are a reseller and would like to become a SunRise LED dealer, Click here.

Air TV  4K, 8K  Screens

AirTV LED display is particularly suited to ultra-high definition (UHD) indoor applications. The unique “Snap Lock” system and lightweight design makes it incredibly easy handle and assemble. The high contrast ratio, superior color fidelity and mechanical accuracy of the AirTV range combine impeccably to form the ultimate high resolution indoor LED display. AirTV is used extensively in command and control rooms, broadcast studios, and the high-end retail market, AirTV may be used for fixed indoor applications.

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Versa Poster

Display new sales, marketing materials, public announcements in a flash!

Imagine the convenience for convention centers, shopping malls, schools, meeting rooms, public service announcements, command & control centers, airports, gas stations, supermarkets, clubs, restaurants…

and much, much more.

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Clear View

Maximize window advertisements with SunRise LEDs ClearView LED displays. They are up to 75% transparent, maintaining unobstructed window light and visibility, while displaying vivid, impactful graphics and videos. Perfect for large bay windows and glass storefronts where marketing messages appear to float seamlessly across the glass. Plus, they are light weight, modular and easy to install and maintain. This unique LED Display are truly an impressive marketing tool

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Billboard versa E

SunRise LED Billboards are available in a wide variety sizes and colors with a multitude of applications for outdoor, indoor, tradeshow, modular, mobile, and beyond.  Our most popular for ease of use and functionally are our VersaTile LED Series. Modular, compact, and lightweight for shipping; transporting to the job site and assembly is a snap. Pixel-pitch from 1.2mm

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Versa Sport

SunRise LED Pro-SMT LED is the perfect team player; easy to assemble, outdoor rated – come rain or shine VersaSport will stand with your team.  VersaSport features a broad viewing angle, high contrast ratio, superior color and mechanical accuracy; plus, a built-in power and data redundancy system.

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Polara LED Light

Save money and reduce energy consumption by converting commercial lighting to SunRise LED Polara LED series. LED lighting can be used for, parking lots, gas stations, school campus and more. Switching to LED lights is a responsible and eco-friendly choice to reduce energy consumption by over 50%.


Our modular design offers maximum light output while using significantly less power. Choose from a wide variety of fixtures and installation applications

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