Polara Wall Pack Series

SunRise LED offers energy efficient LED lighting solutions for many applications.
Featuring an innovative design, ONE lamp can be used in SIX types of brackets:
canopy surface mount, canopy recessed mount, Wall Pack tilt, tunnel light type,
wall pack type, pendant mount type high/low bay. Available in 30 to 240watt
(30W/module, range from 1 to 10 modules) models in 4000 to 6000K correlated
color temperature (CCT), the Polara lights could be widely used in warehouse,
factory, workshop, gym, shop, gas station, parking garage, building, corporate
and school campuses and municipalities etc.


  • Each PCB are mounted with a TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressors) to protect the LEDs from voltage transients induced by lightning and other transient voltage events.
  • High-uniformity LED optics are constructed of durable optical polycarbonate that is impact and UV resistant.
  • The metal plate provides double protection for the LED light engine and prolongs LED optics life.
  • Over 20 optical lenses are available for virtually any application.
  • Each LED module are 100% tested prior to assembly which is IP67 rated.

Gourd Series Specification

Polara WP Series LED Wall Pack Light:

The Polara WP Series LED Wall Pack Luminaire offers superior energy savings in any wall mount application such as stairwell lighting, parking garages, perimeter lighting, parking facility entries and exits, over entries and exits, or any general security and safety lighting used outdoors. The Polara Series Wall Pack is ideal for replacing 70 W to 1,000 W high intensity discharge (HID) lamps such as metal halide (MH) or high-pressure sodium (HPS) to provide 50% to 60% energy savings. SunRise LED Wall Pack lights turn on instantly and have full controller compatibility. When used with a photo sensor they will provide additional energy savings of up to 80% when compared to HID.

Features & Benefits

• Modular LED structure of LED source, maximum up to 300 W
• Optional accessories of photocell and infrared sensor (30-90 W type only)
• 10%, 20%, 60%, 100% dimming control for saving energy
• Excellent security lighting when used with infrared sensor
• Various light distributions available
• Working environment temperature: -40°C to 55°C. Application: stairwell lighting, parking garages, perimeter lighting, parking facilities, or for any general security and safety lighting

SunRise LED Polara Series LED Lighting

SunRise LED offers a wide variety of energy efficient LED lighting solutions. Featuring innovative designs for a multitude of applications. Our advanced modular design structure provides the perfect amount of light while reducing energy consumption and lowering cost. Increasing or reducing the number of modules per fixture makes it easy to meet different lumen requirements for a variety of lighting standards.

Polara LED lights are widely used in warehouses, factories, workshops, gymnasiums, shopping centers, gas stations, parking lots/garages, corporate and school campuses, municipalities and more.

Up to 10 Year Limited Warranty

The warranty offered on a specific product will be stated on the sales receipt. The minimum warranty period is one year and some products carry a warranty up to 10 years. For 10+ years, Sunrise LED has been supporting our products around the world. You can count on us to stand behind the products we sell.

SunRise LED Polara Series Features:

• Replaceable and upgradeable modular design
• Durable, die-cast aluminum housing
• Easy assembly, easy installation, and tool-free maintenance
• Advanced modular structure design for excellent heat dissipation performance
• Universal (120 to 277) volt operation with no re-strike delay; 347-480 volt models available by custom order
• High luminance uniformity with accurate light
• Advance light distribution technology
• One lamp, six bracket types, could be used for many occasions
• IP65 rating
• Dimmable


The modular die cast frame secures a thermally conductive extruded aluminum alloy heat sink to an independent electrical chamber. The revolutionary design allows for passive cooling and natural self-cleaning ensuring our LED street lights offer superior heat dissipation and eliminating any issues with dust or moisture.


The Polara Series LED light offers different optics manufactured from injection molded acrylic. Optics realize consistent distribution with the scalability to meet customized application requirements.


• Input Voltage: UNIV 100 V – 277 V
• Optional 347 V-480 V
• Power Factor: 95%
• Frequency Range: 50/60 Hz
• Driver Current: 700 Am
• Surge Protection: 4-10 Kv

Physical Performance

• LED Type: CREE XP-G/Philips Lumiled
• LED driver: Philips ADVANCED LED driver
• LED Lifetime: > 50,000 hours
• Color Temperature: 4000 K – 6000 K
• Color Rendering Index: > 70

Housing color

Cold gray, matte white or matte black


• Surface Mount
• Pendant Mount
• Recessed Mount
• Wall Mount


• IP Rating: 65
• Operating Temperature: -40° to 55°C
• Operating Humidity: 10-95%


• IES Data Available – LM79 & LM80 National Listed Lab
• Tests In Accordance With IES Standards
• UL, cUL, CE, CB, RoHS, DLC

Available Models

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