SunRise LED’s Pro-SMT LED is a patent pending component featuring replaceable hi-impact resistant shields that protect surface mounted LEDs from moisture and UV harm. These shields also serve as contrast enhancement filters to enhance the 1200 Hz Hi-Refresh Rate.

All-purpose Cabinet LCS Hybird

• Innovative hybrid cabinet with all-purpose capability
• Smart lock enables seamless connection between panels
• Slim profile optimizes setup, storage and transport space
• Lightweight module eases transport, installation and dismantling.

The LCS LED™ can be used for more than a sporting perimeter setup. This unique Hybrid Cabinet can transform from a perimeter to a standard video wall easily. Ideal for rentals that cater to all kinds of events, not just sports.


Rugged mechanical design with waterproof IP65/54 (front/rear) rating suitable for use in indoor/outdoor fixed or mobile setups. Especially useful for rentals to withstand against hard wear and tear.

Convenient for storage

Ultra Slim and light

48% thinner, 20% lighter than a traditional cabinet

Soft Cushion Design

Handles are detachable and the cushion protects people from injuries.

LED Features

• Database display

• Table line-in

• Network function

• Background play

• Text file support (Word, Excel)

• Add background music

• Calendar (displays transparent)

• Date, time & temperature (positive – negative timing functions)

• Play schedule

• Multimedia file support (MPG, MPEG, MPV, MPA, AVI, VCD, SWF, RM, RA, RMJ, ASF)

• Video source chroma, saturation, brightness, contrast software regulation

• Playing multi-task automatically

Multi-display Synchronism Function

Multiple displays not only can play different contents independently, but LC Netalso can play the same contents; and also can be combined as a big display to play large contents. Both software and hardware support video play.

LC Net Software

Supporting multi-display: multi-display edits separately database display; table line-in; network function; background play; playing schedule multi-window and multi-task display synchronously; text supports Word,Excel; adding background music to program window; supporting all the cartoon documents(MPG /MPEG/MPV/MPA/AVI/VCD/SWF/RM/RA/RMJ/ASF...); abundant picture browse types; date、time、date+time 、analog clock etc, all kinds of positive-negative timing functions; calendar displays transparently; playing multi-task automatically ; supporting external program interface; video source chroma、 saturation、brightness、contrast software regulation.

3 Year Free Parts/Factory Labor Warranty with Optional Extended Warranty Plan

For 10+ years, we have been supporting our products around the world. With more than 100 dealers in the US and around the globe, your SunRise LED Display is well covered. Should a hardware failure occur, your LED Lighting is covered by a 3-Year factory protection plan at no extra charge. If you experience a hardware failure with a covered product during the plan's term, simply call your distributor, report the issue, and after basic troubleshooting, the issue cannot be resolved over the phone, you will be given instruction for the next steps to making the necessary repairs.
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