Versa Floor

This LED Panel is designed to be
used as a media floor with up to
800kg weight bearing capacity and
4 height adjustments to adapt to
various environments

SunRise LED VersaFloor

Colorful – Visual – High-Tech Sensory Experience

  • Innovative sensor integration provides a high-tech human & machine interaction.
  • 2.6 pixel pitch and 8000:1 contrast ratio provides amazing High-Def technicolor.

Fast & Easy Installation

Simple plug-in cabinet connection makes installation quick and convenient.

Easy to Maintain

Modules can be serviced from the front making for quick and easy maintenance.

Super Lightweight

  • A single cabinet weighs only 6.5 kg, 37 kg per m², total thickness down to 115 mm.
  • Carbon fiber and extrude splice design is used to build the strength while reducing the overall weight.

Sturdy Weight Bearing Capacity

The robust support frames between the panels and the height adjuster mechanism make the overall structure more stable and enhances the front side loading limit up to 800 kg (1,760 lbs).

Durable and Waterproof

  • Waterproof, with IP65 for both front and back.
  • SunRise’s VersaFloor is different from other LED floor surfaces because they are constructed using our durable Ebony Technology, which does not require glass or acrylic overlay.

Height Adjustable

There are four height adjustments, one at each of the four corners. The VersaFloor can easily be adapted to uneven ground surfaces, providing a more level surface.

Application Market

Imagine all the places where Versa Floor can be used: stage shows, car shows, fashion shows, TV studios, weddings, exhibition halls, science & technology museums, hotels, nightclubs and MUCH MORE. No matter where you use the Versa Floor, you are sure to make an unforgettable impression.

2 Year Free Parts/Factory Labor Warranty

For 10+ years, we have been supporting our products around the world. With more than 100 dealers in the US and around the globe, your SunRise LED Display is well covered. If you experience a hardware failure with a covered product during the plan’s term, simply contact your distributor to report the problem. If the issue cannot be resolved over the phone with your distributor, you will be given instructions for the next steps for making the necessary repairs.

Dual backup system

Each of these systems have dual backup: Power supply, signal cable and control system.

High Color Fidelity

All LED lamps used in our displays are carefully screened to ensure compliance with our proprietary RGB wavelength’s and stringent quality standard.

This unique selection method during the manufacturing process, ensures color uniformity and consistency by default, setting the standard in high performance LED displays.

Using 16-Bit signal processing, the SunRise LED display system is able to produce 65,536 shades of red, 65,536 shades of blue and 65,536 shades of green. (216 = 65,536), resulting in a display that has the ability to reproduce an astonishing 281 trillion colors. (65,536 x 65,536 x 65,536 = 281,474,976,710,656).

Smooth, crisp, vivid images displaying real color, is now a reality.

Front Serviceable

Using the patented POP in POP out magnetic tool any module in the display screen matrix can be removed from the front in seconds with very little effort.

Video Tutorials