Frequently Asked Questions

How long do LEDs last?

LED is everywhere these days, even in some places you might have not even noticed. Look closely at the next Stop Light, do you see little dots of light? Those are LEDs. How about the taillights on cars and trucks? Those small dot lights are LEDs too. Because of their durability, long life and extremely low energy use, they are the lights of the future. If you were to leave your SunRise Display on 24-hours a day the sign would typically last more than 10 years.

Up Arrow What are the physical limitations?

There really are no physical limitations. SunRise LED window displays are enclosed in a durable and very light-weight case. If the display is needed for an outdoor location, SunRise can manufacture a sign to suit your needs.

What is the viewing distance for the signs?

Viewing distance varies with the broad spectrum of sign operation choices. Your SunRise Distributor can guide you in choosing the size and features that would best suit your needs. All SunRise displays are ultra-bright; they are even amazingly bright behind tinted windows. Because the displays have a scrolling feature, they work equally as efficient behind a smaller window or one with panels or frames.

Is the sign difficult to program?

Not at all. The programming for most FX Series Displays is done using a hand-held remote, no computer or special software is required. The remote control is effective to program or edit the sign from up to 25 feet away. The FC series can use either remote or our easy to use software, SunNet.

What types of animations are available?

All SunRise LED displays come with over 200 built-in animations. You can also animate text and create your own custom animations.

How many messages can I program and display?

These signs really give you value for your marketing dollar. For a one time purchase you can program, change and or display over fifty messages at one time. They even have a built-in memory, if your machine is turned off or your lose power you will not lose your programming.

What Colors are there to choose from in a LED Display?

SunRise displays are available in single color: red or amber; Red/Blue, Red/Green or Yellow/Blue; or three color: Blue/Amber/White Pink; Red/Blue/Magenta and Green/Red/Orange. The SunRise FC series is a full color display which is capable of more than four billion colors.

What are some of the uses for SunRise LED signs?

There are unlimited uses for these signs!• Promote specials of the Day• Product/Service Offerings• Hours of Operation• Time & Temperature *Make your Sign a Landmark in the Community• Events and Reminders• Schedule Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Annual Reminders• Public Service Announcements, Amber Alerts, Etc

Who has purchased SunRise LED signs ?

Schools, Auto Dealers, Restaurants, Boat Dealers, Arcades; Pizza Parlors, Check Cashing Stores, Retail Stores, Convenience Stores, Hotels, Casinos, Amusement Parks, Gas Stations and more. If you are in business to make money, you have to think about effective ways to market your business. Put a SunRise Display to work for YOU!