Indoor LC\r\n\r\n::: 5mm\r\n::: 6mm\r\n::: 8mm\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n::: 10mm\r\n::: 12mm\r\n::: 14mm\r\n::: 16mm\r\n::: 20mmSunRise Live Video is the ultimate sign for indoor message display. Built to order, you choose the size that best suits your needs.\r\n\r\nIn addition to text messages you can stream live video, photos and video clips to this captivating display.\r\n\r\nYour audience will be mesmerized by the vivid colors and image quality of the display.\r\n\r\nSunRise Live Video displays are excellent to use in shopping malls, theater, indoor arenas, retail outlets and more.\r\n\r\nCall or click for more information today!
Scalable Design:The Live Video series is available in many configurations, from about 1 by 3 cabinets to about 12 by 12 cabinets. Contact SunRise or a dealer near you for more information on size options.

Display Capabilities:Different controller options can allow the Live Video displays to show many types of content; text, time, temperature, database information, full-color graphics, and VGA or DVI broadcasts.

Content Windowing:Digital content can be "windowed" with multiple planes of content—text, time, temperature, full-color graphics, or video.

Viewing Angle:A wide 120 degree horizontal and 120 degree vertical viewing angle provides many application options for many locations.

• Database Display\r\n• Table Line-In\r\n• Network Function\r\n• Background Play\r\n• Text File Support (Word, Excel)\r\n• Adding Background Music\r\n• Calendar (Displays Transparent)\r\n• Date, Time & Temperature (Positive – Negative timing functions)\r\n• Playing Schedule\r\n• Multimedia File Support (MPG, MPEG, MPV, MPA, AVI, VCD, SWF, RM, RA, RMJ, ASF)\r\n• Video Source Chroma, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast software regulation\r\n• Playing Multi-Task Automatically\r\n

The chart below will assist you in determining your LED display size. To utilize this chart effectively, choose your sign height first by selecting the number of modules (1-8) or pixel dimensions using the number on the left of the chart. Then choose the width by selecting the number of modules (1-12) or pixel dimensions using the numbers along the bottom of the chart. Because LED is manufactured in modules, you will need to choose sizes from the chart that are closest to the sign size you desire. Also, by clicking on one of the other Outdoor Sign charts you might customize a sign size closer to your needs. Once you have determined your display size, give your dealer a call to discuss details and get a price for the your custom LED Sign.

3 Year Free Parts/Factory Labor Warranty

For 10+ years, we have been supporting our products around the world. With more than 100 dealers in the US and around the globe, your SunRise LED Display is well covered. If you experience a hardware failure with a covered product during the plan's term, simply contact your distributor to report the problem. If the issue cannot be resolved over the phone with your distributor, you will be given instruction for the next steps for making the necessary repairs.
Led Color Composition1 Red / 1 Green / 1 Blue
Color Options281 Trillion Color Values
Grey Scale Displaying colors ≥16.7M (Synchronized)
Viewing Angle) 120º (Horiz) / 120º (Vert)
Input Voltage & Frequency 110-220VAC ±10% (50-60Hz)
Panel Material Epoxy Paint Coated Steel
Ingress Protection RatingIP30
Operating Temperature 0ºC ~ 45ºC / 32ºF ~ 113ºF
Storage Temperature -20ºC ~ 50ºC / -4ºF ~ 122ºF
Operating & Storage Humidity 10% - 90% RH
Lifetime 100,000 Hours
Warranty 5 Years
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