Full color

• 24 kinds of display modes, 5 grades of display speeds, 10 grades of stop-time
• Adjustable font size and style, Supports All kinds of text fonts from your computer very small to very large type
• Image, Video Animation, international characters of changeable font
• High precision real time clock & time formats
• RSS Feed from Weather.com directly to display
• All characters, numbers, and symbols are available
• Temperature function available; Fahrenheit /Celsius display mode optional (temperature sensor is required)
• 512K internal message storage memory and 8 GB external SD; long durability of 10 years or more
• Unlimited messages available. Each message can be a mixture of text/graphic/time/temperature.
• Addressable display operation available- control multiple displays in one network
• Automatic power on/off by time of day and/or day-of-the-week optional
• Automatic message switching by time of day and/or day-of-the-week optional
• 100 grades of manual, Schedule brightness adjustment; user-defined brightness .
• PC software integrates all kinds of communications.
• Ethernet, Wireless
• Firmware and fonts update on-line

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