Novastar X60-3G



  1. Support 600,000 pixels maximum;
  2. Support asynchronous control function;
  3. Support local U disk player;
  4. Support local U disk program to import playback;
  5. Support SD card capacity expansion;
  6. Support Internet remote cluster control playback;
  7. Support a variety of media formats, video, pictures, animation and the like;
  8. Support a variety of program content;
  9. Asynchronous mode under flexible load capacity;
  10. Support general chips: Toshiba,MacroBlock,Ming Yang,etc
  11. Support full-color static and up to 1/32 scanning mode, real pixel/virtual pixels;
  12. Support field frequency 60Hz;
  13. The number of gray levels can be set up and can support 16 bit,65 536 grades;
  14. Refresh rate: scanning screen is up to 3840Hz, static screen is up to 6000Hz;
  15. Support brightness correction and color correction;
  16. Support secondary development;
  17. Can connect with multifunction card MFN300.