Time & Temp Series Outdoor Single Color

SunRise time & temperature displays are the perfect solutions for showing the current time and temperature at your location. Easy to install and updated via GPS, our time and temperature displays are truly plug and play.

Color Choices: Red / Pure Green / White / Yellow



Excellent Construction:
The Time & Temp displays are constructed out of sturdy & lightweight metal. Internal electronic components are fully encased in a watertight sealant, ensuring long lasting functionality.

Display Capabilities:
Combining a dark background and ultra-bright LEDs, the Time & Temp displays will truly shine. The brightness value for this display averages 3,500NITs, making it very visible day and night.

Easy Programming:
Programming our Time & Temp signs has never been easier. It includes a wireless control panel, linking a total of 8 displays.

Viewing Angle:
A wide 140 degree horizontal and 140-degree vertical viewing angle provides many application options in many locations.

These are the general specifications of the model series you are currently viewing.

Pixel Composition (LEDs) Red, Green, Amber or White
Pixel Pitch 20mm
Module Size 320mm x 320mm
Module Color Red, Green, Amber or White
Module Brightness 3,500NITs
Viewing Angle 140° Horizontal / 30° Vertical)
Module Array Download the model specs from the “Sizes Tab”
Display Size (mm) Download the model specs from the “Sizes Tab”
Total Size (mm) Download the model specs from the “Sizes Tab”
Total Weight Download model the specs from the “Sizes Tab”
Viewing Distance (Average) 28.4ft-738ft (9m-225m)
Operating Temperature -40℃ ~ 70℃ / -40°F ~ 120°F
Operation Method Wireless Remote Control Terminal (1Km line of sight)
Display Casing 100mm Aluminum case
Product Warranty 1 Full Year