1. SunX Introduction

1. SunX Introduction

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LAN-Based Screen Management Software

Product Version: V1.2.0

SunX Introduction

SunX is a LAN-based screen management software. It can automatically search and connect to terminals in the same local area network (LAN), and issued for configuring screens, publishing solutions and controlling solution playing. Currently, it is available only for Windows PC.

SunX is used as the client software on PC for the X series multimedia players.

SunX has multiple advantages described as follows.

Friendly user interface: UI design takes full account of users’ habits.

  • Ease of use: The X series players can be connected wirelessly and accessed easily.
  • Synchronous playing: Capable of playing the same content on different screens synchronously.
  • Dual Wi-Fi function: Capable of setting Wi-Fi AP mode and Wi-Fi Sta mode.
  • 4G connection: Capable of setting mobile data network of the X series with 4G module.