Polara Canopy Lights

Polara SHINE-E Series:

Our LED SHINE-E light is a new, low maintenance, energy saving lighting option for those hard to access places. The need for high visibility during all hours of the day requires around the clock operation and reliability. Due to their long life and robust nature, luminaires designed with LEDs can reduce maintenance intervals and offer the added benefit of superior beam shaping capability which means you can put light where you need it.


• Complete product line, range from 120 W to 160 W


Polara GS Series LED Canopy Lights:

Our SunRise LED GS Series LED Canopy Light is designed and developed to replace traditional HID/HPS canopy light fixtures. Boosted by Cree XP Outdoor White LEDs and high-powered drivers, the Polara GS series canopy light is IP65 rated for all weather applications including dusty environments. The Polara GS series canopy lights use a smart modular design concept. Each module integrates the heat sink with 14 pcs LED chips, and a calculated number of modules are framed to make a complete canopy light. This smart modular concept gives ultimate flexibility to fit almost all application requirements for power and lighting purposes. Our Polara GS series LED canopy light covers a complete range of 30 W, 60 W, 90 W, 120 W, 150 W, 180 W, 210 W, 240 W, 270 W and 300 W.


• Complete produce range from 30 W to 300 W
• Extremely high lux output up to 26,180 lm
• Smart modular design ensures superior heat management
• IP 65 rating, water and dustproof
• Voltage input 120-277 V 50/60 Hz, 347-480 V 50/60 Hz at choice.
• Selectable color temperature from 3,000 K to 6,000 K.
• Optional function as IP65 low bay/high bay
• Long operation life time, above 50,000 hours, and low maintenance costs
• Ideal replacement of 70 W to 1,000 W conventional metal halide lamps
• Energy saving more than 60%.
• Environmentally friendly, and lead and mercury free
• Instant ON/OFF operation, no more waiting for warm up
• Superior color rendition compared to conventional luminaire
• Resistant to shock and vibration
• Installation: surface mount or recessed mount


Factories, workshops, warehouses, road tollgates, gas stations, supermarkets, sports stadiums, convention centers, airports and more.

SunRise LED Polara Series LED lighting

SunRise LED offers energy efficient LED lighting solutions for many applications. Featuring an innovative design, ONE lamp can be used in SIX types of brackets: canopy surface mount, canopy recessed mount, flood light tilt, tunnel light type, wall pack type, and pendant mount type high/low bay. Available in 30 to 240 watt (30 W/module, range from 1 to 10 modules) models in 4000 to 6000 K correlated color temperature (CCT), the Polara lights could be widely used in warehouses, factories, workshops, gyms, shops, gas stations, parking garages, buildings, corporate and school campuses and municipalities etc. Our advanced modular design structure helps to realize power savings by reducing the module quantity in order to meet different lumen requirements for street lighting. These lights deliver up to 26,180 lumens to support main and ancillary streets, and are available in different IES beam distribution types for different projects.

3 Year Free Parts/Factory Labor Warranty with Optional Extended Warranty Plan

For 10+ years, we have been supporting our products around the world. With more than 100 dealers in the U.S. and around the globe, your SunRise LED display is well covered. If you experience a hardware failure with a covered product during the plan’s term, simply call your distributor, report the issue, and if after basic troubleshooting the issue cannot be resolved over the phone, you will be given instructions for the next steps to making the necessary repairs.

SunRise LED Polara Series Features:

• Replaceable and upgradeable modular design
• Durable, die-cast aluminum housing
• Easy assembly, easy installation, and tool free maintenance
• Advanced modular structure design for excellent heat dissipation performance
• Universal (120 to 277) volt operation with no re-strike delay; 347-480 volt models available by custom order
• High luminance uniformity with accurate light
• Advance light distribution technology
• One lamp, six bracket types, could be used for many occasions
• IP65 rating
• Dimmable


The modular die cast frame secures a thermally conductive extruded aluminum alloy heat sink to an independent electrical chamber. The revolutionary design allows for passive cooling and natural self-cleaning ensuring our LED street lights offer superior heat dissipation while eliminating any issues with dust or moisture.


The Polara Series LED light offers different optics manufactured from injection molded acrylic. Optics realize consistent distribution with the scalability to meet customized application requirements.


• Input Voltage: UNIV 100 V – 277 V
• Optional 347 V-480 V
• Power Factor: 95%
• Frequency Range: 50/60 Hz
• Driver Current: 700 Am
• Surge Protection: 4-10 Kv

Physical Performance

• LED Type: CREE XP-G/Philips Lumiled
• LED driver: Philips ADVANCED LED driver
• LED Lifetime: > 50,000 hours
• Color Temperature: 4,000 K – 6,000 K
• Color Rendering Index: > 70

Housing color

Cold gray, matte white or matte black


• Surface Mount
• Pendant Mount
• Recessed Mount
• Wall Mount


• IP Rating: 65
• Operating Temperature: -40° to 55°C
• Operating Humidity: 10-95%


• IES Data Available – LM79 & LM80 National Listed Lab
• Tests In Accordance With IES Standards
• UL, cUL, CE, CB, RoHS, DLC

Available Models

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