Ribbon Strip Series
Adjustable White - Warm White
RGB + W double row 120 lights
Adjustable color temperature

Adjustable color temperature

2835 adjustable w + ww24 112 lights

3528 2-in-1

3528 2-in-1 120 lights 24v

3528 2-in-1 120 lights 24v adjustable ww + w no light

3528 120 Lamp color temperature

3528 120 Lamp color temperature

5630 24 112 lights W + WW adjustable two lamp beads

5050 60 lights two lamp beads adjustable 24v

5050 2 in 1 color temperature 24V 60 lamp

Constant Current 2835 Natural White 60leds

Constant Current 2835 Natural White 120leds


3528 120leds orange 12v

5050 60leds RGB 24v no waterproof

5050 RGB 30PCS

5050 rgbw 4-in-1 60 lights 24v

5050 RGB + W + WW72 light

5050 RGBW 60 light

5050rgb + w double row 120 lights 20mm

4 in 1 96 lights 2V

SMD  3030 

Adjustable color temperature

2835 positive white super long constant current


>Architectural decorative lighting                                                >Indoor Decoration

>Auditorium walkway lighting                                                      >Stairway lighting & Decoration

>Border/contour lighting                                                               >Channel letter lighting

>Emergency & Security lighting                                                   >Cove lighting

>Shop-window decoration.


LED Ribbon Strip lights are the next development in creating your very own custom LED lights. Quick and convenient installation. Slim profile.
These LED Ribbon Strips are a great solution to create Cove Lighting .
You can use them to add an accent border, create an outlined name/logo, and so much more.
LED Strip lights are a great choice for anyone looking to create a custom Lights or enhance decor.

1 Year Free Parts/Factory Labor Warranty With Optional Extended Warranty Plan

For 10+ years, we have been supporting our products around the world. With more than 100 dealers in the US and around the globe, your SunRise LED Display is well covered. Should a hardware failure occur, your LED Lighting is covered by a 1-Year factory protection plan at no extra charge. If you experience a hardware failure with a covered product during the plan’s term, simply call your distributor, report the issue, and after basic troubleshooting, the issue cannot be resolved over the phone, you will be given instruction for the next steps to making the necessary repairs.

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