3. Login of X series

3. Login of X series

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Required Information

Get the actual values of the information in Table 3-1.

Table 3-1 Required information

Operating Procedures

SunX can connect to multiple X series products.
Step 1 Connect PC to the X series products via one of the following methods.

  • Wi-Fi AP of the X series
  • External router
  • Ethernet cable

Step 2 Start SunX.
Step 3 Click Refresh, and the screen list appears.

  • : Denotes that the SunX is online and you can log in it.
  • : Denotes that the SunX is offline and you cannot log in it.
  •  : Denotes that logging in the SunX is successful.
    After SunX is found by SunX Pro, SunX Pro will attempt to log in the SunX automatically with the default account or the account used for last login.

Step 4 Automatic Login is successful or not.

  • Yes.  is shown and the operation is finished.
  • No. is shown. Then go to Step 5.

Step 5 Click Connect next to the screen information.
Step 6 Enter your user name and password, and then click OK.

Related Operations

Right click the screen information to see the related operations.

  • Logout: Log out of the SunX.
  • Rename: Rename the SunX.
  • Password Modification: Modify the password used for the user “admin” to log in the SunX.
  • Forget password: Delete the user name and password used for last login.

If the user enter the password of the user “admin” to log in SunX, SunX Pro will automatically save the account information and the user can log in X series automatically in future. In case of selecting forget password, the user will need to enter the account information again while logging in SunX in future.