5. Versa Net Config – IP Setting

5. Versa Net Config – IP Setting

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4.1.2 Setting IP Setting

Set the IP of the local computer to:;Run VersaNet on the local computer;
1) Click 【System】→【Search All Site】the Current Connected Versa systems will be searched. An example of the searching results is shown below:

Fig. 4-2 Search Versa system

1) Select the Display, and then click “Connect system”

2) Click on【User】→【Advanced user login】, to pop up the user login interface, and then enter the password “admin”,click on【Login】,to enter advanced user interface.

NOTE: You may need to temporarily disconnect any Anti-virus software to complete this function.

Fig. 4-4 Advanced login

Fig. 4-5 Advanced interface

3) Click on【set】→【client configuration】→【network config】,as follows:

Fig. 4-6 Network parameter settings

4) Tick:【configuring asynchronous system information】, to modify the system name for easier recognition for future access;

Fig. 4-7 Setting System information

5) Tick the option: 【configuring system parameters connected on the LAN】and 【obtain IP address automatically】 and then click 【send】.

Fig. 4-8 Configure system network parameters to connect in LAN.

Set the network parameters of each asynchronous card according to the steps above.