7 Versa Net Config – Versa operation instructions 

7 Versa Net Config – Versa operation instructions 

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Versa operation instructions

7.1 Starting the LED Display

7.1.1 Start with System Configuration File

Using system screen configuration file to configure LED display is very simple and easy.
Requirement: The configuration file must match the LED display type.
Operating steps:
1) To configure a LED display with the system configuration file, click【Screen Config】or select 【Tools】→ 【Screen Config】 from the main menu of the Versa application as shown below:

Fig. 7-1 Screen config window

2) Click 【Next】to enter the Scan Board page as shown below , press【Load file】to load .rcfg format scan board config file.

Fig. 7-2 Load configuration file

The loaded performance parameters from the configuration file can be adjusted if they are not suitable. Please refer to 7.1.4 Adjust the Performance Parameters for details about how to adjust the performance parameters.